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If you go to Medellin, I recommend you the following activities:


Walk through the Poblado neighborhood, Parque Lleras, and Provenza and feel the vibes of this city


Enjoy your stay to the fullest in the following hotels such as: Diez Hotel, La Campana Hotel, and Cafe Hotel, you will love the view of this last one.


If you want delicious food you must try the gastronomic variety in the neighborhoods Provenza and La 70


If you like to dance, you should go to the bar area in Poblado or to the Laurels area, where the locals love to have their ‘’rumba’’.


Take advantage of its public transport such as the metro and metro cable, so you can have the full local experience, visiting the Botero square, its museums around or go to Santo Domingo and visit the Arví Park.


Do the graffiti workshop in Comuna 13, you cannot miss this experience, an activity loaded with a lot of cultural diversity! You will love it!.


Visit Santa Elena, its ‘’silletera’’ culture and its variety of flowers will surprise you (in August there is the Feria de las Flores, very recommended!)


A recommended day trip from Medellin is one to the Piedra del Peñol and Guatapé, where you can enjoy the view over the lakes and stroll through the colorful streets of the village of Guatapé.


Another recommended day trip is to go to Carmen de Viboral, to have a workshop of painting your own tableware.


Undoubtedly an extraordinary adventure is the ascent to the monumental stone El Peñol, a very popular and tourist site, it has a height of 200 meters and if you decide to take on the challenge you will have to climb 740 steps, upon arrival you will have one of the most spectacular views of the region.

Without any doubts, we still have a long way to discover all the hidden gems of this beautiful region.