What can I expect in 5th Grade Mathematics?

The four strands studied in 5th grade mathematics are Number Sense, Algebra, Data and Probability and Geometry. In 5th grade, our focus topics include building confidence with long division and mastering adding and subtracting fractions. We will work with these topics as we move through the four strands of mathematics at this level. Continuing to practice fundamental math facts will be important also as we build fluency and number-sense.

Will I have homework?

On Mondays, a weekly practice sheet will be assigned that will be reviewed in class on Fridays. Most of our math work other than this will be completed in class and will only come home periodically.

Will we have a textbook?

This year we will use Schoology.com for our main resource. Students can log-into their Schoology sites at home with their email and password. Students will get more information on this in the first couple of weeks of school. We also will use Everyday Mathematics, as students have in previous grades here in Detroit Lakes.

Are you doing math on-line?

We will do math practice on-line. Check out the "helpful math websites" page for links to some of the resources we will be using.

Can my student retest?

Yes! Following each unit, we will build in time for re-teaching, retesting or extending learning.