If you’re up for new adventures,

we have some favorite ideas.

During these uncharted times, we would like to offer our families some of our favorite ideas for learning opportunities at home. These are resources for families to utilize as you so choose. We know that it is a challenge for families to have distance learning implemented. It is new to all of us! Our goal is not to duplicate the classroom. Our goal is to provide engaging, appropriate home learning for students. If you have specific questions regarding the education of your child, please contact the individual teacher. The teacher will be the best resource and will be happy to hear from you to support your child.

We don’t want to overload students. One suggestion is to work with your child and set up your own daily schedule which includes the learning activities, as well as any home chores, fun activities and reading for pleasure.

Enjoy your time together, it is okay to have some down time. We are in this together and we are all doing the best we can.

Be kind to yourself; this is new to you, your child, and our schools.

A few of our favorite things!

Writing - thank you notes, a gratitude journal, notes/letters to distant family, notes/artwork to place on an elder’s window to cheer them up. Get creative!

Cooking/baking - try a new recipe with your family

Reading - keep reading!

Online ideas below:

Common Sense Media – trusted ratings of movies, games, books and more with families in mind!

Podcasts for Kids – podcasts for kids in elementary, middle and high school.

Khan Academy - for all age level learners

Scratch - Create stories, games, animations and much more

Code Master – Introduce your kids to Javascript programming taught through a fun and interactive session by their favorite monster

Audible - Now, kids of all ages can stream hundreds of free audiobooks across 6 different languages.. Totally free! No sign-ups. No personal information required. No strings attached.

Dance - Just for Kix instructional videos

Crafts - Looking for craft inspiration? Explore DIY Crafts and Projects!

Code.Org -- well known in teaching sciences and computer science is one of their popular subjects. Kids in middle school can enjoy the interactive one-on-one tutorials as they learn to code in whatever language they wish.

BrainPop - now free, animated movies, creative thinking tools, interactive quizzes, and playful assessments have made a difference for millions of students. Sign-up required.

Virtual National Park Tours--33 national parks to see from the comfort of your home.

32 Resources for Preschool Aged Children

Virtual Field Trips-- a wide variety of field trips from parks to zoos to the Great Wall of China!

Social Emotional Learning Resources