Video Presentation-30min-Housing Ready Communities 2018 Oct.mp4

Presentation Video

In case you haven't had the opportunity to attend a Housing Ready Communities workshop, this video provides an excellent introduction.

Recorded October 2018 at the Cory Neighborhood Association.


Flyer-Housing Ready Communities 2018 Nov.pdf


PDF of the principal recruitment flyer; useful for sharing information about and inviting others to join us

Presentation-Housing Ready Communities 2019 May-10min 16-9.pdf


PDF of the presentation document used at introductory Housing Ready Communities workshops and community conversations

Resource Action Guide-Housing Ready Communities 2019 Sep v4.pdf

Resource Action Guide

Full of data, tools and ways to get involved, our Resource Action Guide can help you increase your awareness of our homelessness crisis, increase understanding of the Housing First approach and supportive housing as a proven solution to homelessness, and empower you to take action!

Social Media Graphics

Need for Extremely Low Income Affordable Housing in Santa Clara County(rectangle)
Housing Ready Communities (square)
Housing Ready Communities (rectangle)
Action Alert(rectangle)
Progress Report-Housing Ready Communities 2019 May v2.pdf

Progress Report

Following eight months of activities, our Housing Ready Communities initiative facilitated 28 Action Network events in seven cities with 864 participants. These events resulted in 513 activated neighbors signing up to participate in learning and action opportunities, including responding to five Action Alerts in support of 16 housing developments.

Progress and Outreach Map

Click on the menu icon in the upper-left corner of the map for interactive map features.

The map shows Housing Ready Community Action Network outreach events and housing developments supported by Housing Ready Communities Action Alerts.