Scholarships and Financial Aid

De Soto High School Local Scholarship Information

Completed scholarship application packets are due to Ms. Rapraeger no later than March 1, 2019. Feel free to turn the packet in early if you have it completed.

De Soto students planning to continue their education after graduation should consider applying for local scholarships. In order to be considered for local scholarships, students must organize and submit a SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION PACKET which includes:

  1. A completed APPLICATION FORM- Available for download at or you can pick one up in Ms. Rapraeger’s office.
  2. An AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL ESSAY – Type a ONE PAGE essay profile about yourself. This essay should give the scholarship committee insight into your life, accomplishments, and goals. Consider including the following information:
    • Family information/background
    • Accomplishments
    • Career and educational goals
    • Aspirations and ambitions
    • Contributions you would like to make to society in the future.
  3. A RESUME - Prepare a resume outlining your work and/or volunteer experience. You may include information about special talents, school / community activities, offices held, and other related information.
  4. A LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE - Include a copy of the letter of acceptance from a post-secondary school.
  5. A TRANSCRIPT - Include a copy of your high school transcript showing 7 semesters of courses and grades earned. - ASK Ms. Rapraeger to print your transcript off for you.
  6. Any LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION - Include copies of any letters of recommendation you receive.

****Your application materials should be arranged in the sequence above in a folder or SMALL binder. (Three ring binders are not required)

ALWAYS apply for specific College and University Scholarships:

Once you've been accepted into one or many colleges, apply for specific campus scholarships to see what kind of additional aid you can receive for each college. If you're trying to decide between a few schools, scholarships may help you decide. Click on the links below for specific college campus scholarship information.

Remember to apply every year for campus scholarships once you've started college!

Western Technical College: Visit

Southwest Tech: Visit

Fox Valley Tech: Visit

WI Technical Colleges Resources: Visit

UW-Eau Claire: Visit

UW-Green Bay: Visit

UW-La Crosse: Visit

UW-Madison: Visit

UW-Milwaukee: Visit

UW-Oshkosh: Visit

UW-Parkside: Visit

UW-Platteville: Visit

UW-River Falls: Visit

UW-Stevens Point: Visit

UW-Stout: Visit

UW-Superior: Visit

UW-Whitewater: Visit

UW-HELP Resources: Visit

Viterbo University: Visit

WI Private Colleges Resources: Visit

National Scholarship Websites:

Letters of Recommendation: Consider filling out the letter of recommendation form and give it to the person writing your letter of recommendation. By doing so, you will provide all of the information a person may need to know in order to write a knowledgeable and accurate letter. Copies are available in the school counseling office.

Transcripts: Ms. Rapraeger is able to provide you with an unofficial transcript for self-review, otherwise she will send an official transcript through the mail to a designated recipient. Fill out a transcript request form (found in the guidance office) and submit to Ms. Rapraeger when you need an official transcript.

2018-2019 Scholarship List

The Foundation of Wisconsin Automobile & Truck Deals Association

Financial Aid

Federal Student Aid:

Do You Need Money For College?

Overview of the Financial Aid Process

FAFSA and FSA ID Tips for Parents


7 Easy Steps to the FASFA Tutorial - CLICK HERE

- Federal Financial Aid Information -

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

Video: FAFSA Overview

Video: Types of Financial Aid

General Information:

FSA ID replacing PIN: Pin-replacement

FAFSA Application:

- Wisconsin Financial Aid -

UW- System Student Aid Information: UW>HELP

Higher Education Aid Board:

Wisconsin Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators:

- Military Aid Opportunities/Benefits -


My Future:

- Miscellaneous -

Talent Incentive Program (TIP) Grant: A TIP grant may be given to a Wisconsin resident first time freshmen enrolled at least one year in a degree or certificate program who demonstrates financial need and comes from a non-traditional or educationally disadvantaged background. Ask Ms. Rapraeger for more information.

- General Financial Aid Information -


Financial Aid Information for Military Families