Jennifer Rapraeger

School Counselor

De Soto Middle/High School

Ms. Rapraeger


Hi! My name is Jeni Rapraeger and I am very excited to be a member of the De Soto School District! This is my first year as a middle/high school counselor so I am looking forward to learning and growing both professionally and personally. I live in Holmen with my daughter, Alyssa and our dog, Libby. My daughter keeps me very busy with all of her activities, including dance, running, tennis, and gymnastics. We also love to travel and spend time outdoors when the weather is nice! During the cold, winter months, we enjoy reading and going to movies. I look forward to working with you and your family.

How can Ms. Rapraeger help?

School counselors believe that the primary purpose of school is to help students acquire and learn the skills, knowledge, and values that will help students in today's work and to reach their full potential as a person. The school counselor realizes that learning cannot take place while personal and/or academic difficulties are foremost in your mind- problems that can have an adverse effect on your behavior, conduct, or academic performance in school. The following are some examples of concerns or topics that the school counselor is willing and able to discuss with you:


  • Getting along with classmates, teachers, family members and/or co-workers
  • Managing and organizing your time in and outside of school
  • Understanding and yourself and others
  • Getting information and assistance from people and organizations outside of school


  • Choosing your classes
  • Meeting graduation requirements
  • Getting help for special learning concerns
  • Understanding school records
  • Choosing career objectives and setting career goals

Future Plans

  • Planning for a future career
  • Planning for education after high school
  • Arranging for college entrance exams
  • Looking for financial assistance
  • Setting career goals and helping to decide how to best reach your full potential and contribute to society

Planning for Training after High School

  • Universities, Colleges & Technical Colleges
  • Applications
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
  • Campus visits
  • Entrance Exams
  • Military Service
  • Finding a job

How do students receive assistance from Ms. Rapraeger?

All students are encouraged to visit with Ms. Rapraeger whenever they feel they need help or resources.

Students may also be referred by a concerned teacher, family member, or peer seeking information or help for a friend.