Alternative Methods of Instruction

The experiences we gleaned migrating our teaching and learning to remote methods due to COVID-19, have provided us with shared knowledge on a situation no one in our field has had to plan for before. Collaboration, creativity, and shared problem-solving have redefined how our team of educators considers alternative methods for delivering instruction and guiding student learning.

We will use this collective planning to ensure we can continue learning no matter where our students are.


Optional Family Learning Opportunities:

These family learning sessions are designed to help families support at-home learning when using the most frequently used technology tools. These were delivered live and archived on the district Facebook page.

  • Take a Tour of Google Classroom

  • Introduction to Online Textbooks

  • Google Basics -- Drive, Docs, and Slides

  • Introduction to Instructional Software -- Istation, MobyMax, and USA Test Prep

If you have any questions you'd like addressed, please add them to this Form. (Please note--some phone's pop-up settings prevent these Forms from opening. We recommend using a PC or Chromebook if you are having trouble getting the Form to open.)

Additional Tutorials and Resources:

De Soto #73 Tech Help Desk - 636-243-2651

D#73 Family Tutorials

Videoconferencing Guidelines_Students

Online Textbook Reference

Mr. Vacca's Distance Learning Tutorial Toolkit 2020

Family Google Tutorials - Of all kinds!!

Getting Around Google Classroom

Google Classroom for Students

Parent Guides for Software Programs:

Istation Home Letter

Istation - Using Ipractice Effectively

Istation - How to Use Istation Parent Portal

MobyMax - Student and Parent Portal

MobyMax - Using MobyMax From Home

ThinkCentral for Parents

HMH At-Home Learning Resources