Design Thinker Lab

Ever wanted to try something new with your students but couldn't find the time or resources? The Design Thinker Lab is an all-in-one solution that sends you everything you need to create opportunities for your students to practice digital age problem solving using the design thinking framework. Help your students become not only problem solvers but also problem finders.

Students as Innovators

With Design Thinker Lab, students can develop their Innovative Designer skills based on ISTE Student Standards:

  • Students know and use a design process for solving real world problems
  • Students use digital tools to manage their project
  • Students develop and modify prototypes based on the design process
  • Students exhibit soft skills employers are looking for, such as collaboration, grit, and growth mindset

Design Thinker Lab Breakdown

Each lab includes all the resources and materials needed to do the activity with your students.

✔ Lesson plan

✔ Digital resources

✔ Student digital work

✔ Design Thinking activity materials

Choose to have the lab shipped to you for the cost of shipping or you can also use the DIY version.

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is a framework that helps students become digital age problem solvers. The framework focuses on human centered design, helping students to develop empathy for others and provides a way to tackle big problems and find solutions.