Selected Student Projects

Precious Plastic Project - Recycling Plastic Waste

The Construction by Design Club is building machines to recycle plastic at school. We have built a plastic shredder and compressor with plans to build a injection molder and extruder.

To find out more the Construction by Design Club and plastic recycling at ISK visit

Ergonomic Pen Design

"Water Wacker" Outboard Engine

Outboard engine for a boat designed by students using an old 2 stroke weed wacker motor and shaft.

Tower of Power

Hand Out Club

The Hand Out club is designing and 3D printing prosthetic hands for children in need

To find out more about the Hand Out Club and how you can help us design custom prosthetics for children in need please visit

Fishing Lure Designs

Fishing lures designed and manufactured by students

Smart Home Challenge

Automating the classroom with EV3 robots

Automated Fish Feeder

Early Childhood Educational Games

Designing and manufacturing early childhood learning toys

"Smart" Laptop Tray

DYI Metal Foundry

Conceptual Posters

Conceptual posters raising awareness about the UN Global Goals using

Visit for more conceptual poster projects

Logo Design


Public Service Announcements

"Life Size" 3D Scanner

Using and Xbox Kinetic sensor and an old swivel chair...

The Ultimate Handline

A 3D printed backpack size handline for fishing - which come with an integrated bait holder and knife. No more searching for all your fishing kit when tubing down a river...

Spare Tire Grill

App Design

Camping Roof Hatch Table

Fishing Rod Holder with Trip Switch

Automated Camel Seedball Dispensers

Camels can carry a lot of weight and tend to hang out in arid areas with erratic rainfall patterns – the challenge – creating a saddle that can dispense seedballs at regular intervals as camels go about their business. Based on these tests, the plan is to refine the designs, with the final goal to build 10+ seed dispensing saddles to test in a conservancy in northern Kenya.

Augmented Prosthetic Hand