ISK Design and Fabrication Lab

Housed in the Creative Arts Centre, the ISK Design Lab is a collaborative workspace where students gain practical hands-on experience with new technologies and fabrication processes to design and build projects. The space provides a flexible environment where learning is made physical by applying science, technology, engineering, math, and creativity to solve real world problems.

The equipment is divided into modules, but each module amplifies the usefulness of the others. The space is currently set for metalworking, woodworking, computer aided design (CAD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM) & rapid prototyping, electronics, textiles, ceramics as well as graphic design.


Students are not allowed to use any of the fabrication and design lab equipment without supervision unless they have completed the relevant certificate. If you are interested in getting certified in a particular area please see Mr. Sudra.

ISK Design & Fabrication Lab Certification

Lab Assistants

Phares Murunga:

Samuel Juma:

Flora Kaai

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