Principal News

2018-2019 School year

Dear Knights Community,

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year! As we begin our eighth year, I share with you the pride that arises out of our many innovative, high-quality programs. The Knights community of parents, students, staff and local residents work hard to offer many opportunities for our students to excel academically, athletically, and socially. We continue to devote our efforts to increasing student learning, to offer relevant courses, and to provide an educational experience that leads our graduates to gain entry into colleges and universities. Our performance-based groups gather more recognition and we have more students involved in athletics than ever before. At Shadow Hills High School we offer something for everyone! Students may enroll in our most academically challenging Advanced Placement courses, any of our career academies (Technology and Landscape Management, Engineering, Education, and Aviation), and we are proud to offer a full AVID program (Advancement Via Individual Determination).

We are very proud of our students who have taken on the challenge of our AP courses and exams as well as those that have joined our career academy programs; we know that they are preparing themselves well for college and life success. We appreciate the tremendous amount of work that these motivated students have embraced, and we are grateful for the support of their parents. Additionally, we are proud of our teachers who devote many extra hours to teach these courses. Clearly, the culture of high expectations at our school has proven to be a tremendous asset for our students, our families and our community!

Parent Expectations

Our goal at Shadow Hills High School is to prepare every student so they are college and career ready. We know that you, as parents and guardians, have this same goal for your students and want to help them as much as you can. We also understand you are not always able to assist your student(s) in understanding the subject matter taught at school. However, what you can do to support your student at home is to do the following three things:

1. Make sure your student is at school every day and on time.

2. When educational opportunities such as after school tutoring or Saturday tutoring present themselves, be sure your student participates.

3. Make sure your student has a set time and quiet place to do their school work and studying each night for at least 1 hour.

Following these three steps will ensure success for your student so it is important to make this a priority!

A-G Subject Requirements

It is increasingly important that we prepare all students for both college and career. Meeting the A-G requirement is a key indicator that students have accomplished this. It is also important to our school and to our district as we are measured by the number of students meeting this criterion. Our counselors will be sure that your student is taking all the correct courses. You, as the parent, need to be certain that your student is not receiving a grade less than a “C” in any course which is the greatest reason why students become ineligible for A-G.


Each progress report and report card will include a calendar of events. Please use this as a tool to stay current with everything that happens at SHHS. In addition, our web page is a great resource and our goal is to stay current and relevant with the information we include.

In addition, please provide feedback on our communication, professional service standards, and most importantly on your child’s educational experience. We aim to provide the best possible education for your student and want every interaction with SHHS to be positive and we welcome your input.

Lastly, I ask that you get involved with one of our committees or become a member of the PTO, Athletics Booster Club or Band Booster Club. We need your support and participation to continue to offer the best educational environment at Shadow Hills High School. Go Knights!