Our School


At Shadow Hills High School, all students will be prepared for a dynamic future via a rigorous standards-based curriculum, will be dedicated to relevant learning pathways and will be supported through literacy based instructional practices, and mentored through skilled professional relationships.

SHHS Vision Statement

Our vision at Shadow Hills High School is to foster a growth mindset in all of our students, encourage academic achievement, and promote global citizenship. We strive to develop critical thinkers who analyze the questions of today to create solutions for tomorrow.

SHHS Alma Mater

In the shadow of the hills beneath the desert's rising sun,

A kingdom stands majestic where a knight's quest has begun.

With knowledge as our armor and honor as our shield,

We'll raise our swords in triumph as we conquer, never yield.

In our noble hearts will forever be

Purple and silver, a shining memory.

Dear Alma Mater, our dreams you helped fulfill.

All hail to you mighty knights of Shadow Hills.


SHHS Academic Seal

The seal is the official mark of the school. It depicts the school's history and is a symbol of its excellence. The seal is made up of various symbols and the school's motto.

Knight sallet (helmet)- nobility

Column - constancy & fortitude

Oak leaves - great strength

Gauntlet - leadership

Torch - truth & intelligence

Book - education & learning

Swords - justice

Sun - life

Castle tower - safety & protection

Scroll - wisdom

what does it mean to be a knight?

Our students, faculty, and staff are guided by our core values

Respect, Integrity, Greatness, Honor, Teamwork

Our School Colors

Purple - royalty, nobility & ambition

Black - elegance & formality

Silver - modern, sleek, high-tech, sophisticated

We wear our school colors with pride showing that we belong to a family - we are royalty, we are KNIGHTS!