Teacher Support

The purpose of this page is to provide instructional support to teachers. This support may include providing information to assist teachers with the incorporation of educational in the classroom as well as offering resources for the Common Core Standards. The library exists as a resource to help teachers engage students in learning and increase student achievement.

Using Primary Sources in the Curriculum:

The Library of Congress offers many Common Core Lesson plans that incorporate primary source materials to help teachers meet the new literacy standards. Please take a moment to search their site to see if there are some primary sources that can be integrated into your lessons.

Library of Congress

Literacy Standards across the Curriculum

With the new CCCSS standards, literacy is all around us. Your library has been working to help teachers meet the literacy standards across disciplines. Check out our Gooru collections, literacy and research lesson plans, academic vocabulary , and resource lists.

If you have ideas or need assistance with curriculum development as it relates to research, writing, information literacy, reading, or the California Common Core Literacy Standards, feel free to contact Mrs. Brook.

Research Process Videos for the Flipped Classroom

Access the video links below to provide an introduction to your students on various aspects of the research process. Have them watch the video at home, conduct some research on the topic, and collaborate in groups to explain or apply that specific element of the research process.

MLA Formatting

Developing a Research ?

Keyword Searching

Library Organization: Locating Books

Primary/Secondary Sources

Evaluating Sources: The CRAP Test

Why We Cite Sources

The Punishable Perils of Plagiarism

In-Text Citations

Installing EasyBib

Works Cited Page - EasyBib