Library Lab Calendar

Library Lab Calendar

Teachers may sign up to visit the library and/or computer labs with their classes. Please feel free to do so by e-mailing Mrs. Brook, stopping by the library to make an appointment, or signing up using Google Calendars (see below).

Before making an appointment, please click on the links below to review the SHHS Library/Computer Lab Policies and Procedures and the DSUSD Acceptable Use Policy for Technology. We look forward to assisting you!

Library/Computer Lab Policies & Procedures

DSUSD Acceptable Use Policy for Technology

Google Calendar to Schedule Library/Lab Times

Sign up for the library and computer labs using Google Calendar. The calendar has been shared with you. Hence, to sign up for a slot, click on the Google Calendar link below, log into Google Calendar using your Desert Sands gmail username and password. Schedule your times. When scheduling, please remember that Tuesdays (odd periods) and Wednesdays (even periods + 7th) are block schedule days. Be sure that you have signed up for the desired lab by referencing the color coded key below. Once completed, refresh this page and the additions should be reflected in the Library & Lab Master Calendar at the bottom of this page.

Google Calendar

Tutorial on Google Calendar

If you need additional assistance in using Google Calendar to sign up for a library/lab slot, view the tutorial below. Mrs. Brook would also be happy to personally assist you.

Tutorial for Google Calendar

Color Code Key for Master Calendar

Green = Computer Lab

Yellow = Main Library (Books)

Blue = Writing Lab