Outside Coursework

Outside Coursework

Outside courses include college/university, and Internet/media-based courses. Prior approval is necessary for all outside courses.

An outside course may be taken for the following reasons:

        • Making up a failed course
        • Schedule Conflict
        • Retaking to improve grade
        • Career Technical Education course
        • Enrichment*

*Enrichment courses are defined as those courses that are in addition to what is required for high school graduation, or to meet UC/CSU “a-g” requirements. While DSUSD supports students who seek to enhance their educational experience, enrichment courses will not be factored into the GPA. A notation on the transcript will cite the course title and grade earned.

Students must provide a transcript when course is completed indicating successful completion. It is the student and parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure requested outside course(s) have been approved by UC/CSU and/or NCAA clearinghouse.

Criteria for accepting or denying outside coursework:

        1. Outside courses may not replace courses offered at the school.
        2. Credits earned must be through an accredited program.
        3. The student must be capable of learning the material with minimal assistance, and has demonstrated adequate preparation in the discipline to be studied.

The steps for parents/guardians appealing the counselor decision are first through the principal/designee and then the Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services. If a student requests credit from Extension Courses taken prior to enrollment in the district, a course outline must be submitted to Educational Services to insure that the course meets state/district standards.

Once approved, SHHS will post/award the credits as appropriate. Courses outside of the district are generally fee-based.

BYU INDEPENDENT STUDY PROGRAM 1-800-914-8931 www.elearn.byu.edu

These classes are offered online through BYU as a way of fulfilling high school graduation credit requirements. Online classes are suggested ONLY when student’s schedules are considered impacted. Please note that two online classes are required to fulfill one high school class. It is advised that students research their college of interests’ entrance requirements before pursuing these options these classes may not meet college entrance requirements. See your counselor for enrollment information or to discuss class options and costs. COURSES AND FINAL EXAMS MUST BE COMPLETED BY THE LAST FRIDAY OF MAY.

COLLEGE OF THE DESERT SPECIAL ADMISSION: With prior permission from the Assistant Principal of Counseling / Curriculum, and a signed Special Admission form, SHHS students in good academic standing may benefit from taking college level courses at COD. An application may be downloaded from www.collegeofthedesert.edu/students/admissions. Students will be expected to pay tuition and related college fees, and are not eligible for financial aid.


Information does not apply to students who will graduate before classes begin.

In accordance with the California Education Code, College of the Desert (COD) will consider students in grades K-12 for concurrent enrollment as Special Students. The intent of the "Presley Bill" allowed for enrollment of K-12 students to provide an opportunity for students who are capable of advanced work that is not offered in the elementary and secondary schools. Students will be considered for admission only for reasons consistent with the intent of the program. Examples of unacceptable reasons include decreasing the time needed to graduate from secondary school, substituting for course work not available in home-study programs or private schools, and taking course work equivalent to courses offered in secondary schools (below college-level).

Students who wish to enroll in types of courses that are offered in their local school districts also will be denied admission. For instance, Physical Education is offered in the local schools. Requesting to take fencing because that specific sport is not offered is not acceptable. Additional examples of inappropriate courses include English or English as a Second Language (ESL) 050 and 051, Reading 050 and 051, Math 040, 050 and 057, PE, and beginning music performance or art activity courses.


Applicants will be evaluated for readiness for college-level work by the Academic Regulations Committee based on the following (also see later section on the reverse side titled Exceptions to the Above):

        • Cumulative grade point average (GPA). Minimum required is 3.00 (B average).
        • If cumulative GPA is below 3.00, the application packet must include a strong letter of recommendation from a counselor, principal, or teacher.
        • A letter of recommendation also is required for students below grade 11.
        • Student’s scores on the College of the Desert assessment tests in Sentence Skills, Reading, and Mathematics. To make arrangements to take the tests, call 760-776-7413. The computerized tests take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to complete.
        • Personal statement written by the student explaining why he/she wants and needs to take the course and why permission to do so should be granted.
        • Approval of the COD course instructor and/or a personal interview with the COD instructor, counselor, or Registrar may be required after the application packet has been evaluated.

Exceptions to the Above

Students who have auditioned and been accepted for a performing role in a theatre arts or music production need only submit the COD Application for Admission, the attached Special Student Application for K-12 Concurrent Enrollment, and written permission of the appropriate COD faculty member.

Students below grade 11 wishing to enroll in a vocational course (i.e., Automotive) need not submit a letter of recommendation, if recommended for enrollment by the COD instructor. All other documents must be submitted.


Fall Semester TBD

Spring Semester TBD

Summer Term TBD

Check website www.collegeofthedesert.edu for updates


The following must be submitted together in one packet to the Admissions and Records Office:

  • COD Application for Admission (may be completed and submitted on line at www.cccapply.org)
  • Attached Special Student Application for K-12 Concurrent Enrollment (completed by student and signed by student, parent or legal guardian, and student’s school principal or designated official)
  • Official transcript of school work completed to date showing grades or marks earned. If student is in grade 10, 11, or 12, official high school transcript required; if in grade 6, 7, 8 or the first semester of grade 9, official middle school transcript required.
  • Results of the COD Assessment Tests for placement levels in English, mathematics, and reading
  • Student’s personal statement
  • Letter of recommendation, if required as indicated under Admission Requirements
  • Home-schooled students also must submit copies of forms their parents have submitted to the California State Superintendent of Public Instruction verifying they have notified the state appropriately of their student’s home-schooled status


  • Consult the Schedule of Classes before completing an application to make certain the desired course is offered during the term for which application is being made.
  • The entire application process must be repeated each term the student wishes to take additional course work.
  • Special Admission students may not participate in priority registration.
  • Registration instructions will be given by the Admissions & Records Office after admission is granted.
  • Special Admission does not guarantee registration for a specific section of a course. The section offered on the days and at the time desired by the student may be filled prior to the student's registration.
  • All prerequisite, co-requisite, and advisory course requirements must be met prior to enrollment.