Meet our Counseling Staff


Clifford Smith - Counselor

Clifford Smith

Student Alpha: A-Ga

Contact: , ext. 44146

Glenda Morden - Counselor

Glenda Morden

Student Alpha: Ge-O

Contact:, ext. 44020

Griselda Munoz - Counselor

Griselda Munoz

Student Alpha: AVID/SDC

Contact:, ext. 44021

Lou Sexson

Student Alpha:


Manuel Ramirez

Student Alpha:


office specialists

Adam Sambrano - Career Guidance Specialist

Career Guidance Specialist: Adam Sambrano

Guidance, assistance and support to students, parents, counselors and staff members in relation to education/career planning and school to career options, SAT/ACT support, FAFSA support, Scholarship Portfolios and Interviews, distribution of scholarship monies, senior surveys, College/Career Guest Speaker Series, College/Career Day, Military contacts and Testing Support

Contact:, ext. 44029

LeeAnn MacLeod - Registrar

Registrar: Leann MacLeod

All records and transcripts, grade changes

Contact:, ext. 44137

Data Specialist: Vanessa Perales

All student data and information, grading and marking periods

Contact:, ext. 44136

Monica Guiza - Counseling Office Specialist

Counseling Office Specialist: Monica Guiza

Reception, student enrollment and withdrawal, Career Center support

Contact:, ext. 44130