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Community Service

Silver Stole Program

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“We Teach Success”

Success includes being a contributing member of the community. Shadow Hills High School has developed the Knights In Silver Stoles Community Service Program which gives students opportunities to develop to their fullest potential, continue to build character, and become valuable members of society.

Students will not only benefit the community, but will develop their own leadership and citizenship skills. To encourage and reward volunteerism and community service, the Knights In Silver Stoles Service Program will recognize students who have made contributions to their community through service. Documentation of service to the community can help supplement an application to college and help students earn scholarships!

Seniors who have completed 160 hours of documented volunteer service during their high school career will be awarded the SILVER STOLE and be recognized at graduation. In order to graduate with a Silver Stole, It is required that seniors complete verification of 160 hours by May 11, 2019.

Summer Service: Service hours earned during the summer after the academic year may be applied toward EITHER the prior or following school year. For example, hours earned the summer after sophomore year can apply toward either the sophomore or junior year 40 hour requirement.

Students working toward their silver stole should refer to the list of approved volunteer activities below. If unsure if your activity meets the requirements, please submit a Pre-Approval Form (below). Hours submitted on this form will not be counted! This is required prior to working an activity not listed below. Pre-approval must be resubmitted each school year for ongoing activities. Failure to seek pre-approval for non-approved activities may prevent the student for receiving credit for hours worked. The student will receive an email that verifies that the activity will count towards service hours or not. Every effort will be made to respond to the student within three days of submission.

Acceptable/Non-Acceptable Service Activities: Silver Stole hours must be providing a SERVICE or meeting a clear NEED for a non-profit agency, church, school, park, charity program or fundraiser, community event, or political campaign. The service should be "above and beyond" one's usual scope of involvement. Some examples of activities that would not be considered acceptable service are ushering at church, singing in the choir, rehearsing, "good deeds" (i.e. mowing the lawn for one's neighbor, watching a friend's dog while they're on vacation, etc...), orientation/training, work done for family, and anything for which one receives compensation/money.

Religious Service: In order to be applicable to a student's Knights of the Silver Stole hours, an activity may NOT be directly involved with the rituals, services, or ceremonies of any specific religion or fundraising to support a specific religion or religious institution. Examples of non-approved activities include, but are not limited to singing in the choir, candle lighting, reading from religious texts, altar service, etc.. The activity needs to be "above and beyond" being a good member of the church. Acceptable church-related activities would be youth groups serving a meal at a homeless shelter, mission trips, or other group activities that benefit the community.

Electronic verification forms must be completed for each activity for which a student volunteers. Students may only use the Google Form for documenting hours (form below).

Students may keep their own log for repeated volunteer work, but should transfer hours onto the official Google Form for verification. For purposes of documenting hours, students should round hours to the nearest .25 hour (.25 hours = 15 minutes). Unofficial logs/letters will not be accepted.

Knights of the Silver Stole Community Service Program

Requirements & Ideas For Service

Volunteer activities must meet the following requirements to earn the honor of wearing a Silver Stole during graduation:

  • All activities are typically completed outside of school hours.
  • You must perform a service for someone other than family members.
  • Activities done concurrently to your participation in clubs. Activities such as Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, 4H, etc. (organizations that require service hours) may, with pre-approval, qualify for earning a Silver Stole.
  • 160 total hours must be spread over 2-4 years of high school.


The following are ideas to fulfill hours of service. (Remember, an adult needs to be able to verify your participation!):

  • Clean up a park (pulling invasive weeds, completing a beautification project, etc.)
  • Volunteer at a food pantry
  • Volunteer for after-school events
  • Being a tutor in an AVID classroom or homework tutor, after school.
  • Volunteer for City of Indio events/festivals
  • Volunteer at a Humane Shelter or kennel
  • Volunteer to teach religious classes, like Sunday school
  • Volunteer at a nursing home or hospice
  • Volunteer to help the homeless or less fortunate, whether through a church or an organization
  • Volunteer at a library (shelving, reading to little kids, teaching, etc…)
  • Assist a teacher, in the summer, to get prepared for the school year (bulletin boards, organization)
  • Volunteer for the Red Cross
  • Volunteer for the Recreation Department (coach, supervise)
  • Volunteer for Little League (coach, referee)
  • Volunteer work for nonprofit organizations (Rotary, Salvation Army, Boys & Girls Club, etc…)
  • Volunteer at summer camps
  • Volunteer for a Chamber of Commerce event
  • Volunteer for a municipality (court, police, etc…)
  • Volunteer for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or 4H

Activities that will not be approved:

  • If you receive compensation of money or in-kind services/gratuities
  • Chores at home/farm and babysitting
  • Minor acts of kindness (holding a door open, etc.)
  • Working for a profit-based organization for free
  • Working for a political party or campaign
  • You may not include any hours from a Church service (serving, singing, playing music), preparing/cleaning related to a church service, church programs such as confirmation or church committees. However, if you volunteer through your church and perform service that is NOT expected to complete a particular program, this would count. You may not be receiving any other credit for the activity, without prior approval.

Community Service Forms