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At Palm Desert High School, we want students to feel safe at all times. If you are a target of bullying or are witness to an act of bullying, go to www.psstworld.com and report it. If you are aware of cyberbullying, abuse, weapons, drugs or alcohol, crimes, vandalism, suicidal thoughts, etc. on our campus, report anonymously now!

This is an anonymous website and your message will be communicated to a school official.

Be Heard!

Report Bullying!

Report Abuse and Dangerous Behaviors Anonymously!

We live in a new millennium, in an information and communication age. Education, now more than any other time in our history, is the key for a successful future. Graduates today must have a solid, core academic education, in addition to advanced studies in a wide variety of content areas. Our students must acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful and contributing members of a global society. The School Accountability Report Card is one way that we can measure our progress toward our goal of providing an outstanding education to all of our students as well as share with you information regarding our students, staff, and programs here at PDHS. Palm Desert High School is an excellent high school, characterized by:

    • A safe and orderly environment where students are free to pursue their dreams
    • A dedicated staff that is committed to providing the students with a world class education
    • High expectations and high achievement
    • Extracurricular activities accessible to all students
    • Parental involvement throughout the school
    • Respect for individual differences

The world is changing around us. In addition to an education grounded in reading, writing, and mathematics, our graduates must be able to think critically, analyze information, understand different perspectives, and learn new skills. At Palm Desert High School we accept the challenge of preparing our students for tomorrow.

Aztec Code of Responsibility

  1. Create a Culture of Respect with an environment free of profanity, harassment, and inappropriate acts or gestures.
  2. Emphasize Student Success through regular class attendance, being punctual, and prepared for the daily lesson.
  3. Show Pride in Oneself by being dressed in a manner that is clean, neat, and modest.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of the Rules of Courteous use of electronic devices on the school campus.