Cadet Corps

Download the Brochure: Cadet Corps.Brochure

The Cadet Corps program is designed for a student who wishes to explore a career in public service.

The MISSION of the California Cadet Corps (CACC) is to provide California schools and students with a quality educational and leadership development program that prepares students for success in college and the work force.

The mission is accomplished through the six core OBJECTIVES of the California Cadet Corps:

    • To develop Leadership.
    • To engender Citizenship.
    • To encourage Patriotism.
    • To foster Academic Excellence.
    • To teach Basic Military Knowledge.
    • To promote Health, Fitness, and Wellness.

And those objectives are supported by the GOALS of the California Cadet Corps:

(as exemplified in our CADET CODES shown below)

    • Loyalty - To self, others, and civic and government institutions.
    • Education - The success of all cadets in academic endeavors, including staying in school and pursuing higher education.
    • Ambition - Striving for excellence and lofty goals.
    • Duty - Lifelong habits of responsible behavior, excellent attendance, and punctuality.
    • Enthusiasm - A zest for life's challenges.
    • Respect - cooperation with school and public policies, regulations, and laws and respect for the dignity of all persons as well as an appreciation for the rich heritage of America and California.
    • Service - To others, our state, our nation, and world.
    • Health - Fitness and wellness, including avoidance of gangs, illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.
    • Integrity - Positive choices by cadets with regards to private and public behavior.
    • Personal courage - Say no to that which is wrong and stand up for what is right.

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For more information please contact Assistant Principal Kevin Bibo at or at 760-862-4300 x46137.