Principal Dennis Zink
  • Alumni Activities
  • Athletics Department
  • Budget
  • Certificated Leave Report
  • Check Out Process for teachers
  • Classified Leave Report
  • Classified Meetings-Office
  • Community Public Relations
  • Con-APP
  • Dept: English
  • Health Office Incident Reports
  • Leadership Team
  • Monthly Parent Newsletter
  • Probationary Teacher Support
  • Risk Management
  • Accident Reports for Certificated
  • School Connected Organizations
  • School Site Council
  • SPSA
  • Substitutes (Certificated)
  • TRAC-Organization
Assistant Principal Charles Mazet

Asst. Principal Charles Mazet


  • 504 Plans
  • Attendance Office/SARB
  • Car Registration/ Parking
  • CBEDS-Coordination
  • Dept: Math, PE
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • ELAC
  • ELL Program Co-Teaching
  • ELPAC Testing
  • Emergency Plans
  • Health Office/Vaccinations
  • Safe School Plan
  • Safety Committee
  • SAP -Assist with Student Assistant Program
  • SAP Referral Coordination
  • Saturday School
  • Security/SRO
  • Senior Awards
  • Site Crisis Plan
  • Student incentives
  • Student of the Month
  • Student Recognition
  • Student Study Team
  • Vision & Hearing Screening
  • Warm Body Count
  • Watch Dog Dads
  • ASB Activity Requests
  • ASB Financial Clerk
  • ASB/Activities
  • Athletics-Athletic Boosters
  • Avid
  • Aztec Impact
  • Back to School Night
  • Custodial
  • Dept: World Languages
  • Discipline 11th-12th
  • Facilities Monitoring
  • Facilities Work Orders
  • Facilities Use Approval
  • Future Frosh Night
  • Graduation
  • Grounds Personnel
  • Homecoming
  • Bell Schedules
  • Link Crew
  • Master Calendar
  • School Connected Organizations
  • School Map Updates
  • Sexual Harassment Staff Training/Reporting
  • Social Media Coordination
  • Student Study Team/ 504 Plans
  • Technology Work Orders
  • Twilight Tour
  • Warehouse
  • WASC Oversite
Assistant Principal Carol Daiberl

Asst. Principal Carol Daiberl


  • 504 Plans
  • 8th Grade Visitations
  • Alt. Ed. Coordination
  • AP Testing
  • APEX
  • Artic. w/Feeder Schools
  • Benchmark Exams
  • Curriculum Council
  • Depts: AP Capstone, Counseling, Social Sci.
  • Diplomas
  • FAFSA/Financial Aid
  • Grades/Progress Reports/Report Cards
  • Independent Study
  • Master Schedule
  • NCAA Lists
  • Intervention/BARR
  • Registration& Student Orientation
  • Room Assignments
  • School Wide Writing
  • Senior Checkout
  • Student Handbook
  • Student Records
  • Student Schedules
  • Student Teachers
  • Student Transfers
  • Text Book Oversight
  • Tutoring
  • UC A-G List
  • Williams Case Complaints
Athletics Director Darol Salazar
  • Athletic Schedules
  • Athletic-Eligibility
  • Transportation- Bus and Van
  • AOC Schedule Assignment
  • Coordinate Athletic Programs
  • DEL/CIF coordination
  • Physicals
  • Athletic Boosters
  • Cheer
  • Coaches Meetings
  • Coaches Evals
  • Grounds Personnel
Assistant Principal Kevin Bibo

Asst. Principal Kevin Bibo


  • California Healthy Kids
  • Campus Tours
  • Career Center
  • College/Career Center
  • CTE Community Liaison
  • CTE Marketing
  • CTE Meetings/Industry Partnerships/Advisory
  • CTE Program Pathways
  • DATA: A-G, E2 Reporting
  • Depts: Science, VAPA
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Dual/Concurrent Enrollment Courses
  • Guest Passes/Guest Speakers
  • Guest Speaker Approval
  • Internship Programs
  • Library/Media Center
  • Panorama Survey
  • Physical Fitness Testing
  • PSAT
  • School Newspaper
  • Special Education
  • Testing & Surveys
  • Video Approval
  • Web Page
  • Yearbook


504 Plans: Daiberl/Mazet

8th Grade Visitations: Daiberl

Accident Reports for Certificated: Zink

Alt. Ed. Coordination: Daiberl

Alumni Activities: Zink

AP Testing: Daiberl

APEX: Daiberl

Artic. w/Feeder Schools: Daiberl

ASB Activity Requests: Webb

ASB Financial Clerk: Webb

ASB/Activities: Webb


Athletics Department: Zink

Athletics-Athletic Boosters: Webb

Attendance Office/SARB: Mazet

Avid: Webb

Aztec Impact: Webb

Back to School Night: Webb

Bell Schedules: Webb

Benchmark Exams: Daiberl

Budget: Zink


California Healthy Kids: Bibo

Campus Tours: Bibo

Car Registration/ Parking: Mazet

Career Center: Bibo

CBEDS-Coordination: Mazet

Certificated Leave Report: Zink

Check Out Process for teachers: Zink

Classified Leave Report: Zink

Classified Meetings-Office: Zink

College/Career Center: Bibo

Community Public Relations: Zink

Con-APP: Zink

CTE Community Liaison: Bibo

CTE Marketing: Bibo

CTE Meetings/Industry Partnerships/Advisory: Bibo

CTE Program Pathways: Bibo

Curriculum Council: Daiberl

Custodial: Webb

DATA: A-G, E2 Reporting: Bibo

Dept: English: Zink

Dept: Math, PE: Mazet

Dept: World Languages: Webb

Depts: AP Capstone, Counseling, Social Science: Daiberl

Depts: Science, VAPA: Bibo

Digital Citizenship: Bibo

Diplomas: Daiberl

Disaster Preparedness: Mazet

Discipline 11th-12th: Webb

Dual/Concurrent Enrollment Courses: Bibo

ELAC: Mazet

ELL Program Co-Teaching: Mazet

ELPAC Testing: Mazet

Emergency Plans: Mazet

Facilities Monitoring: Webb

Facilities Work Orders: Webb

Facilities Use Approval: Webb

FAFSA/Financial Aid: Daiberl

Future Frosh Night: Webb

Grades/Progress Reports/Report Cards: Daiberl

Graduation: Webb

Grounds Personnel: Webb

Guest Passes/Guest Speakers: Bibo

Guest Speaker Approval: Bibo

Health Office Incident Reports: Zink

Health Office/Vaccinations: Mazet

Homecoming: Webb


Independent Study: Daiberl

Internship Programs: Bibo

Intervention/BARR: Daiberl

Leadership Team: Zink

Library/Media Center: Bibo

Link Crew: Webb

Master Calendar: Webb

Master Schedule: Daiberl

Monthly Parent Newsletter: Zink

NCAA Lists: Daiberl

Panorama Survey: Bibo

Physical Fitness Testing: Bibo

Probationary Teacher Support: Zink

PSAT: Bibo

Registration& Student Orientation: Daiberl

Risk Management: Zink

Room Assignments: Daiberl

Safe School Plan: Mazet

Safety Committee: Mazet

SAP -Assist with Student Assistant Program: Mazet

SAP Referral Coordination: Mazet

Saturday School: Mazet

School Connected Organizations: Webb

School Connected Organizations: Zink

School Map Updates: Webb

School Newspaper: Bibo

School Site Council: Zink

School Wide Writing: Daiberl

Security/SRO: Mazet

Senior Awards: Mazet

Senior Checkout: Daiberl

Sexual Harassment Staff Training/Reporting: Webb

Site Crisis Plan: Mazet

Social Media Coordination: Webb

Special Education: Bibo

SPSA: Zink

Student Handbook: Daiberl

Student incentives: Mazet

Student of the Month: Mazet

Student Recognition: Mazet

Student Records: Daiberl

Student Schedules: Daiberl

Student Study Team/ 504 Plans: Webb

Student Study Team: Mazet

Student Teachers: Daiberl

Student Transfers: Daiberl

Substitutes (Certificated): Zink

Technology Work Orders: Webb

Testing & Surveys: Bibo

Text Book Oversight: Daiberl

TRAC-Organization: Zink

Tutoring: Daiberl

Twilight Tour: Webb

UC A-G List: Daiberl

Video Approval: Bibo

Vision & Hearing Screening: Mazet

Warehouse: Webb

Warm Body Count: Mazet

WASC Oversite: Webb

Watch Dog Dads: Mazet

Web Page: Bibo

Williams Case Complaint: Daiberl

Yearbook: Bibo