Test Taking Tips

Test Taking Tips


Get a good night's sleep before each test.

Have a nutritious breakfast.

Dress comfortably.

Bring all materials you need, such as pencils and erasers.

Relax...take slow, deep breaths.

Follow directions carefully.

Read each question carefully and completely.

Answer the easier questions first.

Move on if you don't know an answer, and come back to the question later.

Mark all answers neatly. If you must erase, erase carefully and completely.

Review to make sure you've answered every question.

Don't change any answers unless you are sure they are wrong - your first answer is more likely correct.

If you don't know an answer, try to eliminate obvious incorrect answer choices and make an educated guess between the two "best" possible correct answer choices.


Read all questions carefully.

Look for key words such as "compare", "prove", "evaluate" and "summarize".

Plan your time and answer easier questions first.

Outline, brainstorm and organize before you begin writing your answer.


OBJECTIVE QUESTIONS (Multiple Choice/True-False)

Budget/plan your time.

Follow the order given (answer the items you are sure of and move on - you can return to the others if you have time).

Read each item carefully.

Beware of absolutes such as "never" and "always", and qualifiers such as "usually" and "often".

Choose the answer that is MOST correct.

Make educated guesses.

Finish the test.