Senior Scholarship Profile

Senior Scholarship Profile

The purpose of the scholarship program at La Quinta High School is to place you in a position to obtain

financial assistance, as well as encourage you to pursue a higher level of education. Awards with a variety of monetary values can provide assistance with tuition, lab fees, books or other basic needs for students beginning their post-high school education. Although we cannot guarantee that you will be a scholarship recipient,

by completing and submitting your portfolio you will place yourself in contention to receive a variety of local and site monetary awards.

Please file your profile in the Counseling Office no later than January 9, 2020.

The profiles will be released for review on that day. Please make sure that your profile is neat and that you have completed and included all of the required information. If you have any specific questions, please contact your counselor. Remember, this profile does not replace any separate application required by individual organizations. You should continue to pursue all scholarships available to you.

Many are listed on the LQHS website.

Please complete ALL forms and information associated with the profile. All forms

may be either computer generated or neatly printed in BLACK INK. PLEASE REMEMBER TO SPELLCHECK EVERYTHING! Please submit your profile in a report cover without plastic page protectors

Senior Scholarship Profile 19-20.pdf