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The letters “FFA” stand for Future Farmers of America. These letters are a part of our history and our heritage that will never change. But FFA is not just for students who want to be production farmers; FFA also welcomes members who aspire to careers as teachers, doctors, scientists, business owners and more.

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The Institute of Media Production Arts and Creative Technology (IMPACT) is a Career Technical Education pathway at Indio High School. The program develops student skills in the areas of film making, graphic design, audio production, broadcast, animation, and leadership in preparation for post secondary education and careers in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment industry sector.

IMPACT students develop dynamic resumes and digital portfolios while gaining hands-on and real-world experience through a wide variety of projects, presentations, community/industry partnerships, and work-based learning opportunities.

All IMPACT courses are A-G approved with the University of California, California State University, and are CTE approved.

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The engineering program at Indio High School offers students opportunities to explore and develop technical skills in a variety of academic disciplines. The Project Lead the Way (PLTW) program consists of a four course sequence starting in the freshman year with a survey of topics and skills in both engineering and environmental studies. In the sophomore year, students focus on the design process in Introduction to Engineering Design. Skills are developed in technical drawing and in computer assisted design (CAD) using Autodesk Inventor. This course culminates in providing students with an opportunity to earn an industry recognized certification in CAD. The design skills that students develop open up a large number of prototyping opportunities including 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC milling where students bring their designs to life.

Students within the engineering department are encouraged to consider participating in the Indio High School Skills USA chapter. Students enter skills based and leadership based competition categories with a chance to win personal recognition which enhances college applications. Competition categories range from students designing and prototyping innovative products to demonstrating skills in CAD, welding, and CNC manufacturing.

Engineering is not only for students who are considering a career in an engineering field but also for students wanting to get hands-on skills using both traditional and modern tools. It's an exciting opportunity for high school students to contribute to the innovations of tomorrow.

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Network and computer systems careers are continuously in the top 10 jobs most in demand right out of college with a high starting salary range from approximately $70,000 - $85,000 per year. Over the next 10 years there will be 1.4 million jobs in computer science, and at the current rate, only 400,000 college graduates will qualify for those jobs. That leaves 1 million jobs in demand that involve computers!

The Network Systems Pathway at Indio High School provides a 3 class sequence of courses in which students prepare for and potentially pass up to 5 certification exams at no cost to the students. These certification exams are industry recognized and validate the student's’ skills to their potential employers. The Network Systems Pathway parallels the “real-world” Cisco Pathway. The certification exams are given to the students in the pathway in the following order; PC Pro, Network Pro, Security Pro, and Routing & Switching Pro.

In its first full year as a pathway in 2016/17, 163 certifications were issued to Indio High School Students.

Individuals need a way to prove to employers and educators that they can do the job. The greatest value of a certification is its ability to prove job skills. While it is "what you can do" that ultimately makes the difference to individuals, certification is the final step in the process that verifies job skills to employers, educators, and themselves. Employers want a certification that proves job skills so they can have confidence they're hiring qualified individuals. Employers want to know, "Can you do the job?"

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