Indio High School

Cross Country

IHS XC...A True Sense of Pride

The Indio High School Cross Country team is team with a winning tradition. For over two decades, the Running Rajahs have been the most successful cross country and distance team in the city of Indio and throughout the Coachella Valley. Both the boys and girls teams have won multiple Desert Valley League titles, and they have competed at the CIF State championships in Fresno, CA.

The reason for our success can be expressed in one simple phrase; The Running Rajahs have a true sense of pride. The word "PRIDE" can have a positive or negative connotation depending on how one interprets and applies the word. We choose to interpret and apply the term in a positive way. This is what "PRIDE" means to us.

P - We choose to project a positive mindset.

R - We represent ourselves, our school, and our sport with respect.

I - We incorporate integrity in all we do.

D - We are determined to practice the habits of winners.

E - We expect excellence from our self and others.


The MODA Project - Four Pillars of Success

The MODA Project is a curriculum and a philosophy based on the four qualities found in athletes (people) who experience success. These qualities apply to running and life. The MODA project was developed by David Gonzalez, Jr. During his 30+ years of coaching young people, Coach G. has coached and observed both successful and unsuccessful athletes across a range of sports. His observations and research brought him to the conclusion that there are four "pillars" upon which an athlete builds a successful career. The four pillars are briefly mentioned by Dr. Jack Daniels, the famous distance running coach, in the introduction of his book, The Running Formula (January 2005), as the four keys to successful running. With permission from Dr. Daniels, Coach G. completed an in depth study of these four keys in order to develop The MODA Project.

MOTIVATION - What moves you?

OPPORTUNITY - Are you ready?

DIRECTION - What's your destination?

ABILITY - What are your strengths?

Coach G. identified 5 building blocks for each of the four pillars of success. To learn more about The MODA Project, contact Coach G. @