School Report Card

School Report Cards

Data Quest the Accountability Progress Reports (AYP, API, and PI status) for all schools and districts, all counties and the State.

NEW! School Quality Snapshot With the release of the Accountability Progress Reports will be the availability of new full-color, two-page graphical summary report for each school. This School Quality Snapshot (SQS) is to provide you with demographic and performance data in a format that is easy to read and understand. It is estimated that to retrieve all the data found within the SQS, more than 50 sites within the California Department of Education’s website would be visited. These “time-saving” snapshots will be available in an easy PDF download and are formatted to create a tri-fold brochure for distribution and display. To view the SQS click on the Attachment below.

Horizon School Site Plan

For more information about any school, please visit the California Department of Education

Understand the CAASPP Score

2017-2018 Horizon School Accountability Report Card - English

2017-2018 Horizon School Accountability Report Card - Spanish

Archived School Accountability Report Cards