Principal Message

Dear Stakeholders,

Welcome to Horizon School! Home to various programs ranging from kindergarten through twelfth grade, we pride ourselves on providing options to our Desert Sands community that do not exist on our traditional campuses.

After 22 years as a teacher, assistant principal and principal, I am most excited about having the challenge and opportunity to serve our Horizon families during the 2017-2018 school year. Via a 21st century instructional model, Horizon's blended learning approach adds a level of accountability and rigor. With the commitment of involved parents, a staff committed to customer service and a multi-modal instructional approach, Horizon's staff has pledged to expand its focus on creating opportunities for students after high school and raising student achievement. This commitment to blending a laboratory based on a direct instructional model with a web based curriculum has helped Horizon realize an 18% and a 31% growth in English Language Arts and Math respectively.

I thank our teachers and support staff for investing in our success. Through collaboration and the continued backing of our families, we will increase opportunities for both students and parents.


Oron Jackson