Student Log in

Username: firstname.lastname

Password is your student ID number followed by ds example: 1234567ds

If you are getting the iBoss window see below:

DSUSD Tech is well aware of the iBoss issue students are facing both on and off campus. As part of an ongoing effort to resolve the issue, here is what district tech would like us to do when the problem arises:

"As we continue to work as a team on these issues, here are some troubleshooting tips:

1) Make sure students forget all networks besides myds.us (BYOD should not be used and will be shut down in the near future).

2) Have students completely shut down and restart their Chromebook. By clicking the shut down app button on the bottom left of the main screen. Just holding the power button down is not the proper way to shut down the Chromebook.

3) Make sure the Chromebook version is current, students can enter chrome://version in the omnibox to see where they are currently. They should be at version 65.

4) If the problem persists. Have students complete this form: Connection Issues "

If you are experiencing the following problems

  • Video unable to load
  • Repeating Videos
  • Unable to review videos that have already been watched
  • Broken buttibs
  • Random "kick outs"
  • Black or white blank screens
  • Flash content errors

with Edgenuity Edgenuity Flash Fix pdf

If you are locked out of assignment or can't move forward with an assignment, please contact your teacher.

If you need more help with your "log in" information please contact Miss Osborne.