Credit Deficient Senior Program

Credit Deficient Senior Program

Horizon Credit Deficient Senior Program (CDS)

The Horizon Credit Deficient Senior Program offers credits to senior students who are credit deficient. These seniors are given the opportunity to make up 20 credits in core courses, 10 each semester. Students who sign up will be required to attend 12 appointments with work. It is possible to get one session done in 12 to 14 weeks (with a maximum of 2 absences). Students can only sign up for two courses per semester. These remediation courses offered are limited to core courses in English, Math, Science and Social Studies. The schools served are Horizon, Summit and Palm Desert but we don’t see why other schools cannot be included. In the past, courses were also offered to juniors as well. With district approval juniors could also be enrolled. All CDS course will be taught through Edgenuity LMS. You must have access to a working computer.

How to get a student into CDS

Students do not need to be enrolled at Horizon. Students are referred by their home school counselors. Counselors at each high school meet with their students, if they agree that the student will benefit from this program the counselor will fill out the DSUSD form (40)-43 “Student Program”. The form should be filled out completely, including student ID number, phone number, birthday and the course being requested. The counselor then sends the completed form to Mr. Finnell at Horizon School (Independent Study). Mr. Finnell will then work with the Horizon staff and assign a teacher to teach this course to the student. The teacher will contact the student to make an appointment to start the classes via student district google email. This year CDS will begin the first week of October. October is the earliest that the district will allow CDS to start. After the student has enrolled, Mr. Finnell will send copies of the contract back to the counselor to notify them that the student has been enrolled in a CDS course through Horizon.

When can a student enroll?

Counselors can begin completed contracts online with Mr. Finnell at Horizon School as soon as possible.

How will the counselor get the students grade?

When the student finishes the course Mr. Finnell will send a copy of the report card to the counselor for their records.

What are the deadlines for CDS?

The CDS program ends the first week of May. In order for a student to have enough time to finish two sessions they need to enroll by the first week of October. In order to finish the last session a student must be enrolled by the second to last week of February.

If you have any questions please contact your high school counselor or Mr. Finnell or (760) 238-9725.