Purchasing Apps

To purchase an App please follow these steps:

1. Your site will need to submit a Purchase Order to purchasing for a Google Play Card. They can be purchased in increments of $15, $25, $50, or $100.

2. Then please fill out the Tablet App Request for Paid Apps form.

Here is a friendly reminder when filling out either of the app request forms. We have a change in questions this year. We do not need the student email addresses anymore. We now need the serial numbers from each tablet you want the app on. Here are the steps to find the serial number on a tablet.

1. Click on Settings.

2. Click on About Tablet.

3. Click on Status. You will find the serial number listed here.

Things to remember:

We recommend only purchasing apps that are reassignable (it says it in the app description). This will allow you to reuse the app every year with new students.

You will need to purchase the app for every device you will be adding it to. For example, if you have 25 students in your class, then you will need to purchase 25 licenses for the app. If the app is $0.99 then it will cost you $24.75 and you will want to purchase a $25 Play Card in your Purchase Order.

Please contact Katie Stephens if you need assistance or have any questions.