Link Grade Books

Combining Grade Books for Multiple Sections

If you have multiple sections of the SAME SUBJECT in the SAME CLASS PERIOD, we are now able to link your grade books together. When we link your classes, you will lose any information currently in the grade books for the separate sections (EL, EN, RSP, etc). Therefore, you will need to print out those sections BEFORE submitting your request. It’s a good idea to also print out your “main” class grade book as well.

After you submit your request, you will receive a confirmation email that the update has taken place, in most cases you will see the change in your gradebook the following day.

For instructions on printing your grade book, please review the Secondary Synergy Teacher Guide and navigate to “Printing your Grade Book” (clickable on the table of contents, or on page 50 at the time of this email).

If you would like your grade books linked, please complete this form for EACH class period:

Middle School: