A Professional Development Galaxy for Educators

Chrome Wars is a self-paced professional development environment designed to encourage and reward learning, collaboration and recognizing achievement amongst peers.

Chrome Wars is driven by choice. The game is developed by educators for educators to inspire learning in a fun and thought-provoking way.

Each adventure and mission is designed to meet the needs of the individual. Once logged in, administrators and teachers can select from a multitude of PD topics to achieve the learning that is most applicable to their interest and current level of knowledge.

The game is designed to be fun! As you travel through the galaxy, you will have the opportunity to compete with peers, earn incentives for achievements, and receive level and mission badges to display your progress along the way.

Enter Chrome Wars!


Begin your own personalized PD with the basics of technology. Gain knowledge and learn tips that will help you prepare for the Attack of the Chrome!

Embark on a mission to explore technology tools and classroom activities a little deeper. Strengthen and sharpen your skills with choice PD and PLN exercises.

In this 3rd level you will continue to build your repertoire of skills to lead, instruct and integrate new knowledge intro your educator role.

It’s time to take your Jedi skills to the next level-- WiFi Strikes Back - are you ready?

Take your learning to the final level! The Tech Awakens will push you to outer limits of the galaxy as you fine tune your PD and bring the best to your school and classroom!

Jedi Master


Jedi Knight


Chrome Wars is managed by the Technology Department within Desert Sands Unified School District.

We welcome your feedback as you travel through your journey!