Chrome Wars

Chrome Wars challenges the Jedi Master Administrators and Jedi Knight Teachers of DSUSD to expand their professional growth, collaborate with peers, and share their achievements with badges and level progression.

Chrome Wars was designed to be PD that gives you options. You have the option of when and where you would like to complete the tasks but you also have the option of what types of things you want to learn. In each level of the game there are a certain number of points required to “complete” the level. There are more points available in each level than are required for completion. The game was designed this way so that you could complete a level without completing tasks that you already know how to do (or that don't apply to your subject/grade level).

Embark on Level 1, The Phantom of the Desert and increase your knowledge across every mission; Digital Tools, Leadership, Classroom Activities, PD & more. Select from self-paced learning tasks that range from 5-15 minutes in time, that you can access from your smartphone, tablet, Chromebook or laptop.

Beyond Level 1 are four more Levels, waiting for you to attack!

Get started today and may the force be with you!

Jedi Master Missions for Administrators Jedi Knight Missions for Teachers