Introducing the 2019 March Madness Tech Challenge!.webm

March Madness Returns!

This year's challenge will use the ISTE Teacher Standards as the different categories of tasks you can accomplish. As the leading educational technology organization in the world, the ISTE Standards provide much needed context to what exactly we as teachers should be able to do with technology.

In addition, the rewards this year will see their biggest revamp in the four year history of this event. Now, ALL teachers are eligible for incentives. Although there are no longer teams, we will have the opportunity to unlock "building-wide" rewards based on staff participation in the event.

Check out the Rewards, and then read on!

ISTE Standards

The Guiding Principles of technology use by educators

See the standards in-depth here.


Organized by which ISTE standard they best meet, these challenges aim to stretch you!

Check out the challenges here.

If you need any resources, assistance, ideas, or anything else, please reach out to Kira Shockley, Donna Young, or Josh Gauthier!