One of the missions of our office is to supervise the development, production, and distribution of all types of learning resources (printed, digital, multi-media, etc.) for use in the schools division to increase access to varied quality learning resources by intended users (i.e. teaching and learning resources and professional development materials). The Covid-19 crisis has resulted in a paradigm shift in how learners of all ages, worldwide, can access learning. Therefore, more than ever, we must find solutions to foster easy access to information and knowledge. One of the ways to do this is through Open Educational Resources (OER). According to UNESCO (2020), in this unprecedented context, OER represents a crucial means to support the continuation of learning in both formal and informal settings. The online repository provides a promising solution to access, create and share knowledge and support learning for learners of all grade levels and teachers, teacher trainers, education leaders, and parents. They can help meet the needs of individual learners, including persons with disabilities and individuals from marginalized or disadvantaged groups, effectively promote gender equality and incentivize innovative pedagogical, didactical, and methodological approaches. With its perceived advantages, our office is proposing this project named Project SCORER (Surigao City Online Repository of Educational Resources).

This project aims to:

· address the challenges of this pandemic crisis specifically on providing access to quality and relevant learning resources;

·   lay the foundation for integrating systematically best practices to increase the sharing of knowledge not only during this Covid-19 crisis but also in the future.

·  showcase the contextualized and localized learning resources developed by our talented teachers, which would include modules, SIMs, comics, videos, games, lesson exemplars, researches, professional development materials, and the like.