1. Payment of MOOE, Salaries & Wages, Other Benefits & Reimbursement of Travel Expenses(for Officers/Teaching/Non-Teaching Personnel of the Division)

2. Payment of Supplies, Catering Bills, etc. (for Suppliers)

3. Processing Request for Remittance List of GSIS,HDMF and PHIC (for Teaching/Non-Teaching Personnel)

4. Issuance of Official Receipt(for Disbursing Officers/Contractors)

5. Issuance of Letter of Introduction(for Newly Hired Teachers)

• Schedule of Availability of the Service

Monday – Friday

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (No Noon Break)

• Who May Avail the Service?

Officers/ Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel/Employees of the Division of Davao del Sur/ Suppliers/ Disbursing Officers/ Contractors/ Newly Hired Teachers

• What are the Requirements?

1. 2 valid IDs

2. Official Receipt (under 8.2)

3. Pay slip and Service Records (under 8.3)

4. Order of Payment or Statement of Account (under 8.4)

5. Appointment (under 8.5)

• Person/s In-charge

Cashier/Other Authorized Personnel

• Steps:

1. Secure a transaction slip from the Front Desk Officer.

2. Submit fully filed-up transaction slip with other required documents to the authorized personnel or to the cashier for


3. Present 2 valid IDs upon claiming payments/getting the

requested documents.

• Duration : A maximum of 15 minutes in all services

• No Fees Required