"Home of Excellence"...where CHARACTERS are built and EXCELLENCE is born.


To my dear Busayanians,

For a short time I have known you, I have seen colorful display of behaviors. But then I realized, life would have been boring had you shown me differently…

As you struggle to conquer education journey, I want you to remember this: Character and Integrity are indispensable to your being. It will open doors for you. It will light your path for they are your Torch. To keep it lighted is up to you.

I know that sometimes you might think life has not been fair to you; that it has not treated you kindly. But look how it made you become. A diamond in a rubble- purified by circumstance, nurtured by problems, strengthened by trials. That is how your character was built, value it. You did not surrender. You did not give up your hope, sustain it! You want for something better to come? Go for it! You cannot get what you want sitting down. Life is a struggle where only the strong survive so you need to sustain that hope that is in your heart, for if Hope is lost, All is lost.

Go my dear students and be the Salt of the earth. Show the rest of them what a true Busayanians is. Make your alma mater proud but yourself prouder!

Yolanda A. Juaniza