Corona Virus: Happy, sad, angry? How does this effect the S.I.N.K Project

This Week In Review!


The Automobile Gallery

Our ability to do this project is due largely in part to the assistance by the wonderful board of directors of the gallery. With out their help we may not have been able to do this project. They have a lovely facility that houses amazing pieces of automotive history and is fun for the entire family at a very affordable price.

The Setback

The Corona virus affected everyone in some way and it didn't stop at our class. Work on the car was stopped for our last years team due to the corona virus, so they did not get to finish the car. This year we are picking up where they left off with a new team including one member from last year. Even though we have a new team of people who have never seen the car before, we are working our hardest to get where we need to be to finish the project.

Meet the Team

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Class Objective: The objective of the class is to build a small car to race around an asphalt track as quickly as possible.

The organization this program is run through is called Formula Student USA with more information in the rules and regulations tab

Instructors: Mr. Tim Kapinos and Mr. Kory Fredrikson

2020 Spring Engineers :

Aidan Bomski Shane Ruttner

Cam Ducat Alex Schauer

Madison Gorczany-Whipp Dylan Schultz

Jessica Heraly Griffin Skaletski

Ben Klaubauf Cole Tenor

Emily Knuth David Utrie

Steven Kozelek Zachary VanOss

Jacob Rau Turner Watzka

Samantha Zittlow

2020 Fall Engineers:

Austin Drevs Marshall Couillard

Derrik Broerman Darwin Firgens

Ricardo Gomez Christian Kaufman

Wyatt LeBresh Hannah Nelsen

Chloe Rabas Dylan Schultz

Charlie St. Peter Isaiah VanNoie

Joseph VanNoie

What are we up to?

Funding Brainstorming

We brainstormed how to fund this project. We looked for sponsors and looked at what we needed funding for.

News interview

We were interviewed by Action 2 News about the project

Fall Activities

Keeping Safe In the shop

We have one way traffic and sanitation regulations in the shop. All tools used are sanitized before being used again.

Meeting the New Team

We chose what system groups were interested in and then got into our groups. We took some time to look over last years progress and got to work.

Overcoming Virtual Setbacks

As some students need to stay home we keep them busy with online work and hope the rest of the class can keep working in school.


Location: 450 North Wall Street

Denmark, WI 54208

Contact us @: Kapinost@denmark.k12.wi.us




Any information about sponsorship or project work, please email 21austdrev@denmark.k12.wi.us