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Drawn Out Conference:

How Artists Break Through Creative Ruts

(April 01, 2021 – 2022)

Conference Participants:

  • Edward-Victor Sanchez, Univ. of Cincinnati

  • John Berry, DePauw University

  • Heather Brand, Allegheny College

  • Emmeline Solomon, Albion College

  • Lisa Walcott, Hope College

  • Kate Hampel, Ohio University

  • JSTN CLMN, Denison University

The goal of this conference is to develop a community of early career art professors from nearby Ohio institutions to share how drawing is used to reinvigorate one’s creative practice. Whether it is through note taking, diagramming, rendering, or sketching, these artists use drawing in a myriad of ways to help visualize form and investigate creative solutions. This conference will tap into a variety of exploratory drawing approaches these artist-educators from various disciplines utilize as viable and low-cost means to stimulate fresh ideas.

The conference functions more like a traveling exhibit. Each artist-educator will contribute a “drawing”. As a group show, these works will travel to each of their institutions for display after its commencement at the conference's place of origin, Denison University*. Along the way, each member will facilitate various online zoom discussions or presentations, but as a group, they have decided to be undecided about how specifically things will play out. The Exquisite Corpse drawing/writing game is a good comparison as each of the participants will respond to and adapt the conference as deemed necessary (or unnecessary). In some respect, the conference is a drawing in its own right.