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Dempster AV are experts in Video and Sound!

Projection, LED and Video

Live Sound

DJ and Voiceovers

DEMPSTER AV SERVICES are experts in video, sound and lighting.
Whatever your event, we can bring it to life! 

With a career history in Projection and Display, we are experts in projectors! From simple, single-projector setups for conferences, through to large venue projection for theatres and auditoriums, we can set up practically anything! We're also specialists in Projection Mapping, Edge Blending and Stacking. If you have a creative idea, we can make it happen. 

Here at Dempster AV, we are experts in Live Sound! Whether you need a simple two-speaker PA system for a company presentation, a multi-channel mixing console for a live band, or a PA System for an outdoor event, we have the expertise to operate the equipment, making your event sound as good as it possibly can.

An experienced Radio Presenter and DJ, Dempster AV Services can provide the music for your next corporate function or party! Having recorded a selection of radio programmes and advertising campaigns, our Voiceover Artist can produce whatever you require - either by delivering live voiceovers at an event, or pre-recorded for future use.