Ken Parmley

This is my Fundamentals of Computer Science Portfolio. It is a sample of the code I have written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

FOCS is an introductory course. We are being introduced to using a real code editor to write real code. This is a move up from the visual or block coding type of environments found in Scratch and Hour of Code. We are using real industry tools to learn how to code.

The Fundamentals of Computer Science Course at Dailey Middle School uses the online curriculum from Studio Web. We have been introduced to three coding languages, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Google Classroom is the beginning point for us. Our daily assignments are found in Google Classroom and we also submit our finished work through Google Classroom. We watch series of instructional videos by Sefan Mischook, answer integrated questions in our online textbook, and then practice coding in the SublimeText3 text editor.

As you visit each of my pages on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript you will see some sample code. The sample code is copied from my SublimeText text editor and then placed in a Google Doc in order for you to see what the code looks like.

I hope you enjoy my work. It has been a real learning experience for me and now it is time to share with you what I have done.