How do I become an Initiated Member of the Duquesne Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity?

Rush Delta Chi!

During rush week, we host events and conduct interviews to determine the character and attitude of potential members. Essentially, our mission during rush week is not to make judgments about potential new members, but to determine compatibility between potential new members and brothers. After verifying that the potential members meet the academic and behavioral requirements, we may choose to offer bids for associate membership, beginning the process toward full-initiated membership as brothers of the Delta Chi Fraternity. We are absolutely focused on fraternal education and bonding during this process. The Duquesne Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity does not haze its Associate Members. The calendar for the new member education program is given to the Associate Members on day one, and they will have a clear understanding of the process they are engaged in. This calendar is also provided to the Greek Life Office.

If you're interested in joining the brotherhood of a lifetime and becoming a member of the Beta Theta Associate Member Class, please fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you, grab a cup of coffee, and see if you think Delta Chi is for you!

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