For Parents

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about The Delta Chi Fraternity. We want you to be as excited and comfortable with your son’s interest in the Fraternity as he is. Delta Chi understands that the expectations of today’s college men are growing, and as a Fraternity we wish to enable your son to meet and exceed those expectations and find success after graduation.

What is Delta Chi?

On October 13, 1890, eleven law students at Cornell University formed a Law Fraternity, Delta Chi. In 1922, the Fraternity officially went “general,” thus opening its membership to men in all areas of study. In 1929, Delta Chi became the first fraternity to officially abolish hazing practices associated with “hell week.” Since its founding at Cornell, Delta Chi has grown to more than 120 chapters and colonies across the United States and Canada and has initiated more than 118,600 brothers. The success of Delta Chi has hinged on the continued recruitment of excellent young men and the support of experienced alumni from the local to international level. Delta Chi was chartered at Duquesne University in 1994. Today, Delta Chi is the largest fraternity on campus and the only fraternity with an entire wing within the Duquesne Towers Residence Hall.

What is an "Associate Member"?

Delta Chi prides itself on its Associate Member process. In other organizations, Associate Members may be referred to as "pledges." We take issue with the term pledge - we feel it implies a sense of blind, unquestioned obligation to an organization and its members. In other fraternities, it is this understanding that has led to incidents of hazing and abuse we hear about in the news. In Delta Chi, we make it clear that Associate Members are not to engage in any behavior that is illegal, unsafe, or makes them uncomfortable. At no point will an Associate Member be forced, coerced, asked or otherwise persuaded to engage in activities harmful to their physical or psychological wellbeing. Further, Associate Members in Delta Chi understand that at no point during their Associate Member process will their eventual initiation be dependent on anything other than their desire to bond with brothers, demonstrate integrity on campus and learn the history and ritual of our fraternity.

The Associate Member process is five weeks long. During this time, Associate Members are required to attend dinner hours, Monday through Thursday from 5-6pm, library hours Monday through Thursday from 6-8pm, chapter meetings on Tuesdays and fraternal education classes throughout the week. Associate Members will never be penalized for missing any of these mandatory events in order to go to class or work. Throughout the process, Associate Members will engage in one of two large philanthropic events. In the fall, the event is known as "Greek Carnival," and in the spring, the event is known as "Greek Sing." Parents are invited to attend both events.

Will my son be hazed as an Associate Member of Delta Chi?

Delta Chi is strongly opposed to any practices that are or may appear to be hazing. The experience of Delta Chi associate members at Duquesne University is one of education, challenges, personal development, and excitement. Hazing in any form contradicts these goals and is a direct violation of both the Eleven Basic Expectations of a Delta Chi and the oath that every member takes during his initiation.

The Fraternity takes any actions that put any member or associate member in danger very seriously, and the incidents of hazing in all fraternities and certainly Delta Chi have been increasingly infrequent in recent years. Delta Chi’s effort to make the undergraduate experience a positive one, full of fun, personal growth and preparation for professional success, is one of the reasons Delta Chi has been so successful for nearly 130 years, and with men like your son living up to those values every day, the future keeps looking better.

The Duquesne Chapter of Delta Chi approved a risk prevention and crisis response policy in 2016 to address growing concerns about hazing in Greek Life. This policy ensures that the Associate Member process remains completely free of hazing. Immediately after an Associate Member accepts his bid, he signs an agreement to report any and all incidents of hazing. Likewise, the initiated brothers each sign an agreement which asserts that they will not engage in hazing or any behavior which could be construed as hazing. We are not only concerned with preventing direct acts of hazing, but also with ensuring that no atmosphere of expectation exists in our fraternity.

Why does there need to be an Associate Member process?

Our fraternity was founded in 1890. In the 130 years since, the organization has developed a long and important history. Our ritual is only entrusted to members who have demonstrated their commitment to the organization. For this reason, it is important that we have a period of time to allow brothers and Associate Members to interact, befriend and learn about each other. Additionally, this five week process provides ample time for Associate Members to learn the history of Delta Chi. By mandating library study hours, we ensure that Associate Members are able to maintain their coursework and GPA during this process.

How much do membership dues cost?

Because Duquesne University provides on campus fraternity housing for no additional cost, we are able to keep our membership dues significantly lower than at other colleges and universities. Whereas some chapters may charge upwards of one to five thousand dollars per semester, we are able to mitigate costs and charge $400/semester for Associate Members and $500/semester for initiated brothers. Dues can be billed directly to a student's account with the University, so no external payment is necessary, however this is an option. Much of this money goes to our fraternity's insurance policy, and the rest goes to programs, recruitment, brotherhood activities, our formal, wing improvements, our scholarship fund and operational expenses.

Is there an adult supervisor I can speak to regarding my son's interest in Delta Chi?

Yes. Please feel free to reach out to any of the following individuals responsible for overseeing our chapter. Click the name of the individual you'd like to contact to send an email.

For general questions, please feel free to reach out to us at