Creating a Culture of Thinking

with Preschoolers

What does a preschool project look like? How does a teacher integrate developmentally appropriate academics into the rich play of children? This video is an excellent example:

A Project in Action: building a machine

A Day in the Preschool Class

9:00 Arrival: connecting with each other

9:15 Morning Meeting

9:30 Center Time & Project Work

10:15 Picnic Story Time

10:45 Center Time & Teacher-Directed Activity

11:30 Ballcourt Games

11:45 Clean Up

11:50 Reflection Meeting

12:00 Morning Dismissal and Lunch

1:00 Library Reading and Rest; Afternoon Story Workshop, including Multiple Intelligences in Storying

2:30 Goodbye Song

Note: In the preschool classrooms, most activities are invitations, especially for our 2.5s and 3s. We know that young children's self-directed learning is richly constructive and we honor their purposeful play within our consciously created constructivist environment.

This schedule is fluid and adjusts to the needs of the children within an emergent curriculum framework.