A Peek Inside

Creating a Culture of Thinking

in the preschool classroom

What does a preschool project look like? How does a teacher integrate academics into the rich play of children?

A Project in Action: building a machine

Building Empathy

A Nurturing Approach to Discipline

As a natural part of every day children have many opportunities to develop their social skills. del Sol teachers understand the importance of facilitating and promoting these skills. Invariably, children run into conflicts with people. The teacher’s role in these difficult, yet common situations is to facilitate a deeper understanding of one’s own needs and a growing understanding of other’s. Experiencing acceptance, respect, and trust from important adults helps children to develop these qualities in themselves.

supporting reconnection after conflict


Things happen, like one day you cut a hole in your friend's coat ... because you were really young when you did it (two weeks ago) and now you would NEVER do such a thing. And then things happen - like a field trip to the tailor to find out how to fix the hole and how much it will cost. We are excited by the field trip but not happy that our friend was upset by the hole in his coat.

Today we met Amiz, the tailor. We were mostly interested in the cool dressing rooms, but when we coaxed the tailor out from behind his counter, we found out all kinds of interesting things...like why there are the cool dressing rooms, extra shoes for men and women, why there is a platform with mirrors around it and how Amiz makes people's pants shorter. Then we got down to business and asked him questions.

Could he sew the hole? No. What could we do? Measure the hole and sew a badge on. Did he have any badges? None that we liked. Where could we buy a badge? Online would be our best plan. Could we iron on the badge? Sewing was better. How much would it cost for Amiz to do it? $5.00-$6.00. How soon could it be done? It depended on how many customers he had...hmmm...Would we be a customer? Now we had a plan!

A Day in the Preschool Class

9:00 Arrival

9:10 Morning Meeting

9:25 Center Time & Project Work

10:15 Picnic Story Time

10:45 Center Time & Teacher-Directed Activity

11:30 Ball Court Games

11:45 Clean Up

11:50 Reflection Meeting

12:00 Morning Dismissal and Lunch

1:00 Afternoon Story Workshop

1:30 Library Reading and Rest

2:15 Multiple Intelligences in Storying

2:45 Goodbye Song

Note: In the preschool classroom, most activities are invitations. We know that young children's self-directed learning is rich and we honor their play.

This schedule is fluid and adjusts to the needs of the children and curriculum.