Our History


...All of Our Children

Since our first school year in 1982, we have been committed to the ongoing pursuit of the education of the whole child. We envisioned a school which would educate not just the mind, but the heart and soul. This educational vision was what my parents wanted for their own children and simply weren't able to find.

With a handful of children, they set out to build the school they knew we deserved.

In the early 80's, they were excited by the new and lesser known theories of education: Constructivism, Project Based Curriculum, Social Emotional Education, Higher Order Thinking Skills, Collaborative Learning, and Hands On Learning.

Since that time we have witnessed the publication of studies and theories which have validated del Sol's approach and deepened our understanding of the the needs of the whole child: Mindfulness, Growth Mindset, Positive Psychology, and the Reggio Emilia Approach.

It has been very rewarding to see the latest educational and brain research confirm what my parents have been putting into practice for over 35 years.

My own children are now here at del Sol, settled into the rich traditions and quality practices that have been building for so long.

On behalf of my parents and myself, we hope you will schedule a tour and see for yourselves what has been such a special childhood for all the children who have come through our community.


Kawai Sharp Piper

Barbette and Rick Sharp


Kawai Sharp Piper