Community Blog December

'Tis the Season

of Love, Kindness, and Giving

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Penny shares:

I will never be quick enough to capture those moments caught out of the corner of my eye -- the kind of moments that make my heart sing from the promise of it all: that moment when 6 yr old L.L-O. peeks his head into the Explorer class to say good morning to W, or when 7 year old N asks 10 year old G for a hug and it is freely and lovingly given. I will never be able to capture that moment when 3 year old A leans over and kisses the back of my hand because he is so delighted to be playing a game with me, or the joy on 5 year old L's face when he first arrives at school. I will never be quick enough to capture the concern on the faces of every Investigator when classmate J falls on the ballcourt and gets hurt.

The important thing is that "it" is present, and that there is time and space to nurture a "Season of Giving" all year long, not just in December.

Suzanne shares:

These days have been filled with giving and appreciations. Thursday we combined classes with Explorers and made cookies for the whole school, a tasty surprise for all. They found great pleasure in the Investigators bringing them a huge thank you note Monday.

The Discoverers have been making gifts for members of their class and have tried to keep it a secret.

The moments of appreciation, giving, and love began as E.B. told L.K. what a joy he is in the class and how wonderful his family is. C.C. made a gingerbread clay boy for N.R-P. and he made her a classic N.R-P. catapult. Both were very proud.

We are filled with loving care and appreciation as the calendar year nears its ending.

Kawai shares:

The Investigators have named this the Season of Kindness. They have searched for ways, big and small, to spread kindness -- to their classmates, their families, and strangers. They have searched through their pasts to find times when they have chosen kindness and giving, like the boy in The Christmas Rose. As it turns out, kindness is not hard to find.

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