After del sol

But What Happens When They Leave?

Frequently, del Sol alumni return when they have a day off school to reconnect with their dS friends. When they do, we ask them to share their stories with Voyagers who will soon be following in their path. This has grown into a tradition called "The Hot Seat." Alumni and Voyagers alike love to share their questions and wisdom.

del Sol has a long history of graduating well-prepared students. We have found that the foundations we provide allow families to follow their own values and help their children pursue their academic futures in the style that best meets the child's and family's goals for education.

At the university level

We have seen a wide variety of enrollment from Ivy League to State Universities, resulting in college professors, computer scientists, varying engineers, artists, political consultants, an Oxford Economics Ph.D and even a Clown College Graduate. We truly see family values and student interest merge to create the higher-education experience that is right for your child.

At the middle school and high school levels

We most often see children matriculate to the following schools:

Adams Middle School

DaVinci Innovation Academy

Hermosa Valley Middle School

Manhattan Beach Middle School

Palos Verdes Intermediate School

Parras Middle School

Mira Costa High School

Redondo Union High School

Vista Mar High School

West Side Neighborhood School

Rolling Hills Prep