Delsea Print Shop

Provide your high resolution image and allow us to print a striking photo, banner, or sign for you. Proceeds go to students and Delsea's Technology Student Association.

Glossy Photo Paper

HP Premium Satin Photo Paper

For projects up to 42" wide/high

Make a big impression. Delivers unrivaled image quality for brilliant photos and high-impact display graphics—from posters and presentations to retail graphics.

$2.50 per sq. ft. ($2.50 minimum)

24x36 Photo Gloss: $15

18x24 Photo Gloss: $7.50

12x18 Photo Gloss: $3.75

10x12 Photo Gloss: $2.50

Matte Plain Paper

HP Premium Bond Paper

For projects up to 24" and 40" wide/high

Offers a matte surface finish suitable for a wide range of applications. Very similar to 'plain paper'.

$1 per sq. ft ($1 minimum)

24x36 Matte: $6

18x24 Matte: $3

12x18 Matte: $1.50

10x12 Matte: $1



24x36: $6

18x24: $3

12x18: $2

10x12: $2

Prices are for each side, not both.May require 3 to 5 extra days.

Other options:

  • Mount on Foam Board, $.50 sq. ft.

  • Mount and Laminate