DHS Library Media Center

Welcome to the Library Media Center (LMC)!

The media center is a welcoming, engaging space for students and staff to inquire, collaborate, and explore. Our curated print and online collections are inclusive and multi-disciplinary to meet your recreational and educational needs.

Please use the navigation to the left to explore the media center. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Ms. Soult, library media specialist, at dsoult@delranschools.org

Need help with your research paper or assignment? Your library media specialist is here to help! Just a few examples include:

  • Book selection and circulation

  • Citations

  • Database and search assistance

  • Paper and resume formatting in Microsoft and GSuite

  • Research assistance

  • Source evaluation


  • Lesson collaboration and technology integration for teachers

On this page:

Library Mission

The library media center assists students in developing the skills to utilize information effectively and is an essential part of teaching and learning. Flexible access allows students to research, do presentations, tutor, study, and read.

Library Policies and Procedures

  • The library media center has a general rule of respect: respect for other students, respect for staff, respect for property, and respect for safety/well-being.

Visiting the Library Media Center (outlined in Student Handbook):

  • Students may come to the library with a pass for book checkout/return, using a computer, reading, making up quizzes/tests, or performing other school work. If a student is not visiting with their class, they must sign in at the Circulation Desk.

  • Students are to exhibit proper conduct and behavior while working in the library media center.

  • Eating and drinking in the library is prohibited.

  • Staff may sign up for the library space online with the media center sign up calendar (under the "Staff" tab on the DHS website). Please contact Ms. Soult if you would like a collaborative library or research lesson for your class, or if you require technology setup prior to your visit.

Book Checkout and Return:

  • Books may be checked out for 15 days on student accounts. If you need more time with a book, visit the library or contact Ms. Soult to renew. Each renewal is 15 days, provided there are no holds on the title.

  • Holds may be placed by students on Destiny or with Ms. Soult.

  • Remote students may place holds to be delivered to the main office. Standard check out terms and renewal terms apply.

Please see the COVID-19 tab for additional information about the library media center during coronavirus.

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Library media specialists are collaborative instructions and liaisons across all subject disciplines. They work closely and form partnerships with teachers across curriculums to support and enrich student learning. As information professionals, they are specialists in research, technology, and reading; they support and nurture student growth through inquiry and enrichment.
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The Central Values of Librarianship

Stewardship: the preservation and care of the human recordService: professional and philanthropic, dedicated to human advancementIntellectual Freedom: resist censorshipPrivacy: ensure confidentialityRationalism: organize materials in a logical manner; apply rationalism to proceduresCommitment to Literacy & Learning: encourage lifelong learning and provide literacy educationEquity of Access: ensure access, overcome barriers to useDemocracy: maintain democratic values, participate in educational process.~Michael Gorman, Former ALA President