Redwood coast indian Career pathways


The Redwood Coast Indian Career Pathways program is funded through a US Department of Education Demonstration Grant. Our partners include the Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation, Resighini Rancheria and our Lead Partner the Yurok Tribe. This program was designed to prepare American Indian Students 6th - 12th grade for College and/or a Career. It is our mission to support American Indian students to successfully transition to college and careers after high school.


Academic Support

Classroom Support

Out of Class Math & English Tutoring

After School Tutoring

Academic Coaching


Counseling & Social Emotional Support

Peer Groups

Transition Support

Check and Connect


College & Career Support

College Tours

SAT/ACT proctoring/prep

FAFSA, Financial Aid and Scholarship application assistance

College, Trade School and Employment application assistance

Program Coordinators

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Schedule a meeting by clicking on staff name below