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Hello Sycamore Ridge 6th graders! This is going to be an interesting year, and I'm excited to go on this journey with you.

I'm a two time Bruin, with a bachelors and masters degree from UCLA. I've spent my entire adult life and most of my teenage years working with children in different capacities: babysitter, camp counselor, nanny, tutor and teacher. I've taught grades 2, 3, 4, and 6 and this will be my 14th class.

Contact:, 858-755-1060 ex: 3804

Educational Philosophy

I hope to create a classroom, even a digital classroom, where all students feel valued and safe to take risks in their learning. I hope to share my passion for learning with my students and look forward to learning from them as well.

What to Expect in 6th Grade

6th graders will become authors: publishing many narrative, informational, and argument writing pieces. They will also develop their reading skills as they read, critique and analyze a variety of texts and literature. Students will be pushed as mathematicians as they jump into ratios, percents, statistics, geometry and fractions. They will also learn about ancient civilizations, genetics and our environment. 6th grade is a year for students to improve and increase their independence, communication and problem solving skills that will prepare them for middle school.

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Life Outside of the Stallion's Stable

When I’m not teaching or lesson planning, you can probably find me doing kid things with my own kids: puzzles, coloring, and a lot of make believe. When I get the chance I love running, baking, and reading. Give me a book recommendation and you will make my day.

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